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Like, this wasn't really that bad. He'd have expected worse, like, oodles and bunches of worse. Way some people were talking bout Bradman, they made it sound like he was some sorta hellspawn or some shit, henchman to Big Daddy Satan.

But then again, people did talk a lot of crap, didn't they? Being all political correct and stuff, easier to upset than his mom during laundry sessions. He wasn't judging though. To each their own, that sorta deal. Same thing for Bradley. Dude seemed like he was the type to just be doing his thing, not give any freckled fucks, zee to the ro. He could respect that. 'slong as he didn't get too dickish or anything, he'd be cool with him. Could make this work, so they could.

"Yup. Not like we got a choice though, right? Shit sucks sometimes - most of the time - but we gotta just wade through it to get to the honeypot, you with me? To the victors go the spoils, you know the drill."

Like, watching the guy eat was still sorta yucky, stuff flyin' around like that. Maybe he had been raised by wolves, Mowgli style. Still, not that big of a deal. Nobody was forcing him to stare at the guy's mouth, after all. Gross thought, really.
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