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keep running yoshi
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Enter Slattery. Post jack off sess-

Oi. Fucking brain was being a little shit today.

"Whatever sort of technical difficulties a kid can suffer during a bathroom trip we don't have to hear about it." Ben's tone was as neutral as his words were vaguely aggressive. Not like there was actually a reason to be annoyed with Aiden at the moment. The ten minutes probably wouldn't have been any more productive with Beaks around. Honestly they probably would have been less so.

The hand thing was overselling it though.

"We decided to wait for you to hear your opinion, Aiden."

First name basis. No weird ass nickname. Ben wasn't entirely sure how to read that, but knew it didn't really matter. Wasn't worth the attempt at a split second judgement. Ben's eyes flickered between the standing, the sitting, the more standing, the scooting. Nice of Scarlett to take one for the team. Aiden looked like the sort of kid who wore one layer too many of cologne, AKA, one layer of cologne. Ben shrugged and gestured at a section of floor close enough to make for an uncomfortable bromance. His fingers barely poked out from under the thick words of the Bard.

"Floors open. Your call dude." Scarlett seemed a bit nervous, but Ben was probably reading into that too hard. As opposed to Beaks, who he made little concerted effort to look too closely at.

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