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Brendan stopped walking as he heard someone call out his name. He felt a little startled at first. He turned around to the direction where he had heard the voice from and he saw that it had been Darius who spoke to him. Darius was one of those people that Brendan would normally try to avoid at school. Mainly because he hanged out with Michael Crowe. Who Brendan really didn't like. Brendan could just walk away at that moment. However, since they went to the same school....

Brendan gave Darius a slightly hesitant wave back. What was he doing? He should just be heading home to enjoy some time alone to read his new books that he brought. But he just had to stop and be polite. To Darius. Of course. That made sense. Not really.

"U....Um..... Hi, Darius...?" His voice was very quiet and he wasn't sure if Darius had heard him. But Brendan just wanted to get away quickly. So he wanted to try to do it in a polite manner before he could leave. Which he hoped was going to be soon.
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