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He could see it in the other boy's eyes, no, written all over his eyes. The question had taken him by surprise, startled him. Of course it had, it had come out of nowhere, after all. Had he been too rash, overconfident? What if Cristo took it the wrong way? He barely knew him for a few minutes, after all and he was already being pushy like this.

Maxim could feel his heart sink a bit, fear creeping in. Cristo wasn't taken aback by him now, was he? Anything but that, please. He didn't mean anything by it, he had only gotten excited, happy to be comfortable around someone for a change. That was no crime, was it?

But it seemed he had worried over nothing - again. The other boy didn't seem to be angered, annoyed or even rattled. He was either hiding it quite well or he was legitimately content with his request. So he had been right in the end. This one was someone to latch onto - only figuratively, of course. He just had to refrain from overdoing it, which could very well happen, given these new sentiments of overwhelming excitement. He couldn't let that get the better of him. Stay relaxed and go along with it, all he had to do.

"I'd be happy to! I mean, I don't really have plans for the weekend either, nothing I can't do at another time, at least. So...yes, why not?" He was genuinely smiling by now. These would be some tough few days to get through until the weekend finally rolled by. Burdened with impatience and unease and all that. But it looked like it'd be worth it in the end. Yes, definitely looked like it.

"Just one thing: It won't be too crowded there, will it? The places you intend to show me, I mean. Because...you know, I'm not really good with crowds. Reason I came here, after all."
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