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Amanda didn't have much time to think further about her coinless plight, the far too familiar sound of a person meeting the ground in a violent fashion interrupting any progress on that front.

She turned to see the source of the noise, a figure lying at the foot of a nearby tree, looking for all the world like a the victim of a particularly inept murderer. From this distance, it wasn't too hard to tell who the figure was, the blue hair an almost complete giveaway.

Raina was a friend from school. Okay, perhaps friend didn't exactly fit the bill, but that was the closest word she could think of, barring some hipster portmanteaus that she'd rather not even know existed. In any case, while they weren't best pals, Amanda wasn't about to ignore the fact that she'd fell out of a tree, making a quick sprint across the wet grass towards the girl.

"You alright, Raina?" Amanda asked. Checking for consciousness was the first and only first aid step that Amanda could remember. Granted, that step seemed completely unnecessary given the oof that Raina had made after impact, but it still seemed like a helpful thing to do.

"The heck are you doing in a tree at 6 am in the morning?"

Okay, that question was much less helpful, but her curiosity, much like her actual thirst, needed to be quenched.
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