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Nice. Aiden complimented C's remark with a snicker and an acknowledging nod in her direction, honor to whom honor was due, stuff like that. "Good one. Trying to beat me at my own game, are ya? I approve."

Deadpan was the way she was swinging, eh? Big, snarky mountain. Hey, now there was a pet name. Something to keep in mind in case she'd stick around some, hang out around him in the future. Which he was seriously doubting, but eh, one could never know. Better to be prepared than...not.

El Presidente took the reins again, saying he and tall lady where there together for the dance - like, duh. President Obvious right there. Getting personal now though, asking bout him and Kizi, was he? Aiden glanced at his friend next to him. She was okay with him telling that to Connie, right? No real secret, just some random trivia bout The Beaks and K-Eazy. Yeah, why not.

"Me and her? Could say childhood friends, I guess. No big story there, unless you're into biography style tales." He raised his hands in an apologetic gesture, though contrasting this with a sly smirk. "But don't let my spiel hold you two off, you wanna dance, you go for it. Woulda asked Kizi to do the same, but she's not really into swinging her feet, you with me? Easier to get her to uppercut me than do that."

He gave his partner a slight nudge with his elbow, offering her a more warm smile. "Ain't that right?"
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