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High society Bond? Conrad thought he was dressed appropiately, but Beaks apparently made fun of him. "Mr. President" raised an eyebrow before politely smiling at Beaks, who probably joked around in a very bad way. Making fun of the height of people was not right, in Conrad eyes, no matter how tall or small one is. If Clarice and Beaks were friends, yes, maybe, but damn it, he did not even know her name.

Good thing was that Clarice saved the conversation with the bodyguard comment, which was a very smart move. So he had to smirk at Clarice and as he did that, he realised that they probably should go to the dance floor again. Yeah, that would be better than talking about presidents and WC Republic with its capital in Washington W.C.

"Thanks. Yeah, we are here together for the dance. You are dancing together with Kizi, I see. How did you two meet?"

Well, he should stop small talking and maybe dance with Clarice again for a pleasant time without Aiden and Kizi. Both made him feel uncomfortable for two very different reasons.

"We just wanted to have a quick break, but I think we will go dancing again!"
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