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After a while, the conversation died down, and class really began. For the most part it was somewhat underwhelming, but the slideshow that came up was pretty interesting. Then something more interesting happened. Well, not really, it wasn't exactly interesting, it was fucking gross to be quite frank, but it was different from the norm. Henry's nose started bleeding everywhere and the teacher sent him out.

Poor bastard... Henry's white shirt was probably star trek red by the time he made it to the nurse's office. Michael felt a little sorry for him, after all, Michael would be pissed too if he had to leave class on one of the more hyped days of the year. Well what can you do? Shit happens.

There wasn't really much conversations after that. Class slowed down, Michael took his notes, then the bell rang. Michael got up slowly, still sore from last night's paintball game. This was NOT gonna feel better until next week more than likely. Well, what can you do? Shit happens.

((Michael Crowe continued in A Magnet For Trouble.))
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