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“S'good,” Clarice responded, taking another bite of cupcake right after to prevent her initial urge to be kind of rude.

She ended up chewing on cupcake through most of Beaks' chatter. She supposed he wasn't really being a dick right now, though something about him was rubbing her the wrong way. She tried not to scowl or frown at him. Granted, she wasn't managing to smile at him, but hey. Small steps.

She still thought Kizi could do way better, though.

At the question as to whether they were there together, she flatly said, “Sure. I'm Mr. President's bodyguard.”

She didn't really want to get into any relationship talk with him. He seemed like the type who'd go way too easily into making fun of it, given that he'd already managed to bring up her size. What better way to head it off than by joking about it herself and hoping that got it over with?

Glancing at Conrad, she nodded her head slightly towards the dance floor, as if to say 'want to go back there?'
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