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The door opened and there was a sunburst, going by the name of Abby. A smiling, sweet-tempered ball of happiness, so he'd heard. And from what little he had witnessed himself over time thus far, that wasn't even an understatement. Though he had to admit, it was hard to not smile back at her when she was standing in front of him like that. So he did. A little.

"Thank you for having me over. I will do my best to not be a hindrance, I promise." Though his tone of voice was mostly self-deprecating, almost jesting, he himself knew that there was more than a grain of truth to that statement. Anything requiring some sort of dexterity was not exactly his cup of tea - but he was here now, so he had to at least try.

He thought about reaching out his hand in order to exchange a proper handshake for a second, but deemed it too...unfitting for the situation. So he simply nodded at Abby one more time, before stepping into her habitation.

Again, he was careful to remind himself that first impressions could be deceiving, but he really, actually found himself liking the interior from the get-go. It was a homely style, cozy, somehow even soothing. Not to mention the abundance of books lying around - yes, definitely to his taste. He would have to compliment Abby on this at some point or another.

Just then, he heard his name being called and momentarily discarded the previous thought. Turning his head, he spotted his friend peeking out of what he assumed to be the kitchen. Always the enthusiastic one, he seemed to already be at work. Admirable.

Maxim waved back, then starting walking towards Cristo, while glancing around the room some more. "Hello! You two have already started, yes?" He rubbed his palms together, a supposed sign of anticipation and excitement. Or so he hoped.

"Glad you invited me, really, I am."
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