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Okay, so the person Jasmine waved to thinking it was Kizi was actually Kizi. That was good. It would have been a problem if she had just waved to a stranger and called them a name that they weren’t. It hadn’t happened to her (at least not yet, it wasn’t a mistake she really wanted to make but she knew that she was likely to make it at some point; she remembered something about how every student was likely to call a teacher mom at one point, mostly due to the similarities that the two roles shared) but she had seen Kizi do it enough times for her to consider options for if she did it herself. Again, she didn’t want to make that mistake and she wasn’t going to, but if was probably a good idea if she had a plan in case of that.

Regardless, Kizi said hi to her and the autopilot within Jasmine started to reply to her.

“Hey!” She said again. Yeah, that was something she did. Something she noticed but didn’t think anyone else did, not really bad enough to warrant fixing. “I’m doing good. Just came back from a movie viewing in English so I haven’t done a lot of work today.” Not that she was complaining, of course. She liked doing schoolwork and it helped to fill the empty gaping hole that was her life but it wasn’t something she wanted to do all the time; she had a life and friends and other hobbies too, she certainly didn’t want to throw them all away for her studies.

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