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Karma, man. Bitch had some real nerve, throwing this guy of all guys at him. Then again, he couldn't even be mad, really, he had pretty much asked for it. Still though, un-freakin'-lucky.

So Bradley, huh? Dude was throwing around his stuff and his weight like he owned the place. Aiden had never really talked to him all that much, exchanged a couple of wordies here and here, smallest of talks. Like, he could respect a guy doing his thing, wanting to have fun, sure, sounded like a sweet enough deal. Being a full-on dick, though? Not cool, brother. Not cool at all.

Like, 'Jewnose', that wasn't even funny, man, 'specially not out in the fucking open like this. Hell, took some serious ammo for him to consider something awkward, but Bradley had done it, bravo. Way he was chomping his grub didn't help either. Gross, dude.

Pussy option would have been to get the fudge out of there, abandon ship. But he didn't feel like doing that, nope. No way he'd let himself be shoo-shoo'd away by the first rando that showed up, wasn't gonna happen. He had asked for company and now he had it. Make the best out of a bad situation, true survivor style, that was what he was gonna do. Like, who knew, maybe Bradman over here turned out to be a decent enough fella after all. Rocky start, sure, but wrong first impressions were a thing after all. Yeah, he'd give him a chance. No reason not to.

Aiden placed his fork in the center of his now empty plate, then leaned over the table, placing both his forearms on its surface. The smile was there, not as amused as usual, but it was there.

"Sure a helluva lot better than you're treatin' your lunch, B." Now he was smirking. He liked that line, good opener. Had to keep the ball rollin' now.

"Really though, bit of a snorefest so far, you follow me? I mean, frickin' geography, man. Like I care about the capital of Slo-wherever. " Aiden removed one arm from the tabletop, in order to tiredly rub one of his eyes. Put some emphasis on it. "Any better for you?"
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