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Maxim slightly grimaced the second Cristo brought up raisins. One of the few times he could find himself agreeing with a vast majority of people; those unholy spawns had no place in something as innocently delicious as a cookie - or anything at all, as far as he was concerned. Still, he found himself agreeing with rest of the other boy's statement.

There were quite a few bakeries around town, none of which he had paid a visit to thus far. He had by no means a sweet tooth, but still, he deemed it a shame, a neglect even. Actually, what if he just went there right now? What was stopping him? Well, Cristo, obviously. He had come here, started a conversation, he couldn't just up and leave now. Or could he?

Maxim saw an opportunity present itself. Just a stupid little idea that grew in the back of his head, one that required Cristo to actually want to spend more time with the likes of him. Should he ask him? His eyes glanced to the side, fixating a lonely tree for a moment, then returned to the other boy's face. He felt reluctant. Just asking someone to stop whatever they were doing and accompany him, that was not his style, not at all. And yet, this moment seemed so ideal for it. He had pressed his luck thus far, with more than satisfying results, even more so than he would have imagined.

Maxim bit his lip. He really wanted to do it and at the same time, he didn't. No, that was not true, he did want to, absolutely did. No merit in trying to convince himself of the opposite. So...

He cleared his throat in order to interrupt the other boy. His fingers weren't shaking anymore, were they? Just to be safe, he slid both his hands under the table, out of view. Nothing to fear now. "Hey, sorry for interrupting, but I figured...we both seem to have nothing better to do right now -" He immediately raised one hand again, feeling the urge to touch his own face. "Didn't mean for it to sound like you...I was just speaking for myself, alright?" Deep breaths. All was fine.

"To get to the point right away: Would you like to go to one of those bakeries together? Not even right now, not necessarily. Whenever you want, if you want at all. Just something that I thought of, you know?"
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