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((Amanda Tan's pregame start))

Sumac Park wasn't too far from Amanda's house and closer than most other green spaces nearby. As a result, it had become part of her favorite jogging routes, for those rare occasions where she actually did have the time to jog. With the winter season behind her, Amanda had found that she had a little more time for her own training.

She'd made it out of the house early that morning, stuffing her phone and keys hastily into her pockets, her earphones blaring a playlist that featured a little too much Taylor Swift for her current self's liking, but her past self could carry all the blame for that one. In any case it wasn't all that dislikable, and if she were to update her song list, she'd probably manage to turn that into a couple hour project. Not a job she really fancied doing any time soon.

There was just enough light for a good run, and the streets were still largely quiet. It was for the better she got her run in now in any case, so she'd have some free time in the afternoon. Not like she had plans at the moment, but more free time was always a good thing.

The green fields of Sumac park were welcoming, the temperature still cool from the early morning, a light dew blanketing the fields around her, small lights glistening in the morning sun. Sumac was often regarded duller than Liberty, but it was times like this where Amanda really appreciated the greenery of the park. Better than the gray and brown shrubs that dotted the landscape anyway.

Amanda took in the landscape for a little longer as she wandered towards her target, which was standing near a set of concrete benches. The vending machine was one of the older ones in Sumac, a light grey tingeing its white shell, and though it tended to be a little less well stocked than she liked, there was little point dragging a drink all the way out here if she could get herself a mid-run pickup right-

"Oh come on. You've gotta be kidding me," she said, patting down the pockets of her sweatpants. No wallet. Not even a couple coins. Nope, she was flat out broke right now. Good job, Amanda, good job.
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