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Mia leaned back, and drank in everything Nathan was saying. Gosh, it really did sound like he was going to be having a busy few weeks. Not to say that she wasn’t going to be busy; balancing schoolwork with swim or BMX or soccer practice every week was always gonna keep her rushed off of her feet and stressed every few days, but this had been her life for a while. She was used to it, in a sense, even if she didn’t appreciate it. She didn’t know how busy Nathan normally was, but she knew that when people spent a long time without much on their plate, whenever they got handed a lot of important stuff in a short space of time, they tended to fare worse off than normal.

Bleh. Thinking about all that was bringing up unpleasant thoughts, starting to make Mia stress again about the balance between her academic future or her sporting future. She’d just gotten away from that. That was what she was here to have a reprieve from.

Their order of fries being brought over was a welcome sight, and enough to prevent Mia’s smile from faltering. She gave a couple words of thanks to their server, before she noticed Nathan’s reaction to his first bite. She giggled slightly, reaching across to the plate and carefully taking a fry of her own. Of course they were going to be hot, silly. Not that she could blame him in the slightest for being so eager to chow down.

“Well, so am I, so I should be able to handle them!”

Mia had the biggest grin on her face as she said that. It was cheesy and dumb, but hey, it would be fun to see Nathan’s reaction! And, most importantly, she was clearly comfortable enough around him to actually say it.

“Anyways, uh, I’ve never really gotten into any kind of dance, no.” Mia idly gestured with the fry dangling between her fingers as she spoke.

“I’ve dabbled in a bunch of stuff before! I mean, if it’s even vaguely active, I’ve probably tried my hand at it at some point! I think I tried ballet at some point, actually, but I guess it just wasn’t… my thing, I suppose. I guess cheerleading’s the closest thing I have to any kind of ‘dance’ right now. But hey, your recital sounds super cool anyway! I’m glad you’re excited for it.”

Mia finally took a bite out of the fry she was still holding. Still hot, but after a good few seconds away from the plate, much more manageable and delicious.


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