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((Aiden Slattery continued from Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean

Aiden was standing directly in front of the McAfee's bathroom mirror, a strained expression on his face, his hands gripping each side of the sink like he was about to try and rip it off the wall. He grimaced at himself. Handsome fella right there, staring right back at him. Problem was that the guy was in the same predicament as he was.

His glance wandered down, towards the tin pillbox he had placed next to the faucet. Tiny thing like that surely couldn't even harm a fly. Aiden knew better though. Thing was an evil little fucker, or rather, its contents. Ritalin, man. Helped him once, sure, was his personal Robin over many years. Beaksman and Robin, heh. No idea why he hadn't thought of that one before.

Aiden saw the subtle smile on the features of his reflection. Maybe that'd do the trick. Think of funny shit, distract himself from the - nah, he knew damn fucking well that wouldn't work. Not with the work he had to do. Ugh, Mac-frickin-Beth, dullest thing he'd read since the manual for his mom's hair dryer. Didn't even remember why he read that one, truth be told. But he did and now he was kinda wishing he could be reading that instead of that snoozefest of a tale about some douche who got bossed around by his old lady.

There was no escape though. Couldn't risk being a sloppy sloppster with this one. His sis had been right, he had been slacking off too much lately. English grade was looking a-bizzedi-bysmal. One more goof, he was done for, straight up toast. Couldn't have that, no fucking way. Sharon being disappointed alone would be enough reason for him to fucking shoot himself to the moon, outta existence. Only one way around it. Had to stay focused with this one, pull his sorry ass through, somehow. Goddamn Shakespeare, man. Should have stuck with shaking his own spear, that limey bastard.

Whoa, whoa, he had to calm himself. Shit was way too negative, ruining his mojo and stuff. He had to get to a happy place again, no matter what. Get happy, get focused, then profit. Easy cheesy.

Aiden sighed, rubbing his eyes with two fingers. No way around it. Had to take his 'medication.' Only way for him to stay concentrated, actually do and think stuff that was worth a damn. Other two peeps were prolly thinking he was jacking off or something, been in the bathroom for what - ten minutes now?

So he did the deed. Short moment, opened the pillbox, swallowed pill - not feeling better. But he would, soon enough. He had promised himself he'd get off the stuff, he didn't need it no more, damn Ritalin had outlived his usefulness. Only today wasn't the day to stop. Maybe tomorrow. Shit, prolly not even that. But one day, one frickin' day.

Aiden gave himself a light slap on the cheek. Had to stop being such a whiny weenie, shit was embarrassing. Think of something positive, all he had to do. Last weekend with Jerry the Ferg, that had been some good classic load of fun. Yeah, that was an image to have stuck in his head. Could totally roll with that. His lips slowly curled up, formed that shit-eating grin again. Time to get busy.

Starting to whistle some random tune, he opened the bathroom door, ready to join his peers who were eagerly anticipating the return of the Beaks, sure as shit. First step he took was slightly insecure, but his stroll grew more confident with every consecutive one. Heard their voices around some corners, kinda muffled. Ben talking 'bout something, prolly important. Everything that guy said sounded important, maybe cuz he didn't talk much in the first place. Not when Aiden was around, at least.

"I might too, if I were in your shoes." All he caught. Didn't really sound like it had anything to do with the project, maybe the two had waited for him with that. Aw, how sweet. Almost wanted to shed a tear, so he did. As if.

Looking as smug as if nothing had happened, he finally entered the other two's field of view again, immediately raising a hand defensively. "Sorry bout the delay, folks. Technical difficulties."
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