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Rorick Skyve
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This was nice. No crazy term for it, not awesomesauce, not amazeballs, nope. Just plain and simple nice. Huggin' it out really was the best way to end any sort of discussion. Aiden sure approved of it. Granted he usually didn't get these sort of hugs by nude kinda-cuties, but still. She wouldn't hear him complainin'.

Girl had a point though. He got a whiff of his own manly scent and had to repress an amused slash overwhelmed snicker. Yup, case in point, no objections.

"Right back at'cha", he noted with a chuckle, laying his arms around her torso, completing the hug. He closed his eyes, smile still on his lips. Day had only just begun for him and he already felt like the luckiest bastard around. Could really get used to that. Not that life sucked before. But still.

"I mean, we could both be time savers and just...y'know share..."

He performed a clicking noise with his tongue, followed immediately by him shaking his head, with Fi still weighing down on him.

"Just kidding, Fi. Just kidding." Though he wasn't, not really.

((Aiden Slattery continued in It Is A Tale Told By An Idiot))
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