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Well, wasn't this almost heartwarming? Aiden seemed happy with the results. So was Fiyori, kinda. Actually, now looking at Aiden, who put back his cup of coffee and focused all of himself to smile at Fiyori, she could not see anything of that impish gleam she saw so much the day before. It took her by surprise? Yeah, it did. Just a short moment of surprise, but still. A raise of the eyebrow, a widening of the eye. Just for a moment until she began to genuinely return his smile.

Fiyori wanted to take another sip, but she too decided to place it back. She leaned over Aiden, placed the cup on the nightstand and then in a swift motion put her arms around Aiden, pressing her face against his scalp.

She hugged him.

She saw him.

She heard him.

She felt him.

She smelled him.

"By the way," Fiyori began, muffled slightly by speaking in his hair "...you're free to use our shower."

[[Fiyori Senay, continued in The Library Is The Power House Of The Student]]
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