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((Brendan Harte continued from Mass Destruction))

Brendan didn't know why he was passing through the skate park. He never really walked through it before. He guessed that it would be a new route for him to take to go home. He had been to the book store to collect some books to read and to help him come up with more ideas for the plot of a story he could write. He was glad that they had still been there and he had grabbed them quickly in his excitement. Thinking back to it, he now felt a bit embarrassed about his behaviour. But he couldn't have helped it. He was a book lover at heart. Books inspired him. Books excited him. Books scared him. He could go on about them for hours on end.

He gazed down at the plastic bag that he was carrying in his hand and he smiled warmly. He was in a good mood for that night and for over the weekend. He still felt strange with wandering through the skate park. However, he was relieved that there were not that many people here. Now he was just hoping that the 'classical bump' wasn't going to happen there. Like with Alba before.

Brendan glanced around and he noticed that the few skaters were mostly talking to each other. He let out a small sigh of relief. Then he took a step forward to leave.
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