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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Nadia nodded along as Sandy gave his opinions. He was right that the first one needed to go since that one girl decided to give a big open smile to the camera. It wasn't the girl's fault for not knowing professional photo etiquette, but it did mean that no one was likely to see the picture. In a way, it's almost as if that moment never happened.

Sandy was in agreement about cropping the second photo. Nadia tried to mentally picture what the photo would look like if it was cropped to the waist up. Sure, you could no longer see that the guy's hands were on the girl's waist, but she could trim it enough so it didn't look like his hands were chopped off in a farming accident. She could probably zoom in as well to make it look better.

Sandy then said they needed to think of the relationship between the photos. Nadia nodded.

"Yeah. I guess it's all about the kind of moments and images that work best together. Couples dancing and being romantic is a must. I think more casual, relaxed photos as well, like any pictures of kids sitting and talking as well. And, I dunno, faculty? Maybe it'd be fun to see one of the teachers or chaperones attempting to fit in with the kids by dancing or mingling."

"Is that what you had in mind?"
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