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Rorick Skyve
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Well, there it was, total fucking silence. Could actually hear, or feel, or whatever his heart pounding in his chest. Slow beat. He wasn't nervous, not really. Bit worried maybe, though he wasn't really sure what about. Even if she did take it the wrong way, got her panties in a bunch - which she was not wearing at the moment - wouldn't have been the first time this happened to him. Shit, would prolly not be the last either. And he wouldn't mind, no Sir. 'slong as he had some F.U.N. some way or another, he was gonna roll with it.

Didn't seem like she was pissed or anything, though. Unless this was some of that tranquil fury level of pissed, time bomb bout to blow. Hell, he didn't know, he'd see in a sec either way.

Huh, she was actually sharing stuff, getting all personal. Funny he called it that, really, like sticking his other pecker into her hadn't been personal. Other type of personal, maybe. No deep stuff, although...nah, he wasn't going to go there. Didn't feel like being funny or whacky or anything in that moment, he actually, legitimately just wanted to listen. Talk about once in a blue moon.

But yeah, he could get her. He totally got her. Shit, he prolly wouldn't have handled it any other way, had he been a chickedi chica. Those were relationship goals right there, even though he didn't even want a relationship. Fuckbuddies maybe. Could work. Didn't have to. This one night they had shared together had been hella fun, kinda special even, what with the wild stuff and all. That was all that mattered, in the end. To him, at least.

Wiping his lips, Aiden set his own cup down, carefully placing it on the small nightstand next to the bed. She was looking at him, eyes locking. All he had to do, was not fuck this up now.

"Gotcha, Fi. And I'm totally happy with that." He smiled again, but lacking the impish, the up-to-mess-with-stuff quality this time. His facial expression was almost peaceful, with a hint of tiredness.

"Best result I could've hoped for."

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