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Scarlett glanced back up as Ben was speaking to her and she was paying attention to him very carefully. She didn't really want to say anything about Aiden but Ben was talking about him. Should she just ask him to drop the subject? Well, Aiden wasn't with them right now and they weren't doing any harm. So she guessed that it was alright. Until Aiden was back in the room.

Scarlett was fiddling with the edge of one of the pages of her novel with her thumb and her finger. "I was only suggesting that we should wait for him in case, he would have an idea of his own." She still felt uneasy with Aiden being in her home. What was wrong with her? Was she just scared that he would try something with her again? Ugh. She really should try to be comfortable with Aiden around. She should give him a chance. "It wouldn't be fair if we concluded that we would do your idea without hearing what he thinks about it himself."

She raised an eyebrow slightly. It seemed that Ben might not like having Aiden as a third partner either. However, she couldn't just tell Aiden to leave and work on his own. Yes, she didn't really like him but she didn't want to come off as the bad guy here.

Scarlett was thinking about Aiden for a few seconds. Maybe he really wasn't that bad of a guy. Maybe she was just too quick to judge him as a person. She actually felt a pang of guilt. Would it even bother Aiden if she told him why she didn't even like him that much? Maybe she was just thinking about things too hard. She had noticed that whenever she had seen Aiden, he would give her a goofy grin or smile. Strange.

"Aiden seems like a good person at heart. I don't think he's too bad. Maybe just misunderstood sometimes...." She was talking a bit quietly now. She didn't know why she was. Maybe she just didn't want Aiden to hear her or something. She felt like she was being silly now. "I'll be honest with you, Ben. I don't really like Aiden that much. And I normally like a lot of people. But Aiden.... I don't know why I always feel uneasy and uncomfortable around him. I'm not a bac person for disliking him. ....Am I?"

Scarlett was now feeling more unsure about how she felt about Aiden. She hoped that Ben didn't mind her own opinion. She bit down on her lower lip and she flicked through one of the pages in Macbeth. She was staying quiet and waiting for Ben to speak again.
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