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He really talked too much, didn't he. How can a person just be so active, so few minutes after waking up? Aiden certainly wasn't one to enjoy a brief moment of silence.

She smiled at his 'doing you again' remark, but then averted her eyes from him. She focused on her coffee again as he finished speaking, and for a moment, Fiyori forced a few seconds of silence. A few second of silence, in which she raised the cup, drank a bit out of it, and lowered it into her lap once again.

Ah, the coffee didn't work that fast. Neither did the sugar. She would have liked to say something suave. Something witty. Something frightening, but she just couldn't come up with anything but half-finished sentences, that even sounded awkward in her mind.

"I had the opposite thing once, you know?"

A drop of coffee rested on her lips. She licked it off.

"Wanted a relationship, but not the sex."

More or less. It was truly an onion, but rhetoric sometimes necessitated simplifications.

"Anyway... I like fucking, I like cuddling, and you'll find that I'll like coddling too. But you won't be the last guy."

Fiyori looked through her room. Saw a clock. Saw a calendar. Her gaze rested for a moment. Then she turned to Aiden again, right into his eyes.

"Got it?"
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