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Okay. Cool. Alice went somewhere. Jeremy didn’t really know where quite, but so long as she wasn’t bothering him then he didn’t really care where she went. Well, okay, that was both not true and kinda rude, but it was appropriate with how he was feeling towards her right now. Couldn’t she have just checked the door herself to see if it was locked or not? It wasn’t like there was anything blocking the way to the door or anything. Really it was honestly stupid for her to ask that and although it definitely wasn’t actual dislike if she kept talking to him he’d probably start getting snippy, which no-one wanted; so it was probably a good thing that she decided to not go any further.

With that done, he looked at the spot where he had left off and started playing again. The song’s tone had changed. Now that something else was happening within the scene the song had become a lot more sharper, with barely anything behind the melody except for chords at the beginning and end of each bar. Probably his favourite part of the song, although something seemed a little off as he played through it. No mistakes, and it wasn’t something to do with the arrangement - again, one of the better arrangements from the Disney book - but there was just something not in it. Something on his side that stopped him from playing the song as best as he could.

His hand slipped, and the chord he played definitely didn’t give the slight determination the song needed.

“Aaaagh,” Jeremy exclaimed, his hands going down on random keys. That was annoying. He probably wasn’t going to get back into it now, considering that now Alice’s interruption had thrown his concentration off key. Oh well, he was probably going to get interrupted by the teacher regardless so he could interpret what just happened as a better now than later scenario. He looked up. Apparently Alice had been watching him play. That was… kinda nice, actually. Sweet, in a way. It inflamed Jeremy’s latent narcissism and made him suddenly like this person as they were paying attention to him. Well, something like that anyway. Tongue in cheek. He was kinda happy that he was the star of the show and he was currently liking Alice but they weren’t related to each other in that way. Besides, he needed something to entertain him now that playing the piano wasn’t an option. Maybe he could make a new friend today or something.

“Sorry, technical difficulties. Both me and the piano. Probably won’t be able to play that song again, although given that apparently people are arriving now I was probably going to stop playing regardless. Anyway, I’m Jeremy. What’s your name?”

Yes, he knew already, but he needed something if he wanted to be able to strike up a conversation with her.
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