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The longer Maxim listened to Cristo, the more he got the impression that he had not erred in his judgment. No, not only an impression, he was certain now. Coming here was the best idea he had all day, probably even all week. He couldn't remember the last time he had had a talk with one of his peers, no talk he deemed pleasant and insightful in retrospect, at least. No talk he didn't regret.

It was fascinating to him, really. The things the other boy said seemed so simple, common almost. Things he should have known himself. And yet, to him, it felt like he was witnessing an almost prophetic revelation, trickles of earthly wisdom seeping into his brain. Awfully hammy, but those were the words he came up with, he couldn't help it.

Ha, right on cue. As soon as he started praising the substance of their conversation, Cristo switched to something so mundane again. Maxim's choice of sweets. There was something funny about that, he couldn't deny it. He had to grin.

It didn't stop there, though. Somehow, that one question, that one silly phrase, it sparked a reaction within that surprised himself more than anyone else. ." If you were going to get something from the bake sale, what would it be?" Hell, what in the world made that so hilarious to him?

Maxim laughed. Rather short-lived, wheezing a bit, but he did laugh. In fact, it felt quite pleasant to him, like all the remaining ballast of his repressed, pent-up anxiety was just falling off of him, crumbling into dust. He actually had no idea what to answer either, so many possibilites. This got another chuckle out of him, looking and sounding almost like a remnant of a hiccup.

"Sorry, sorry. Just...thought of something funny. Nothing important." He wiped away a single tear from the corner of his eye, holding back a final snicker. "But well...I'm not sure, honestly speaking. If I had to choose spontaneously, I'd go with...muffins, I think. The ones with blueberries. Either them, or...do they sell scones here? If so, then a few of those, yes."
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