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She shifted away a bit. How long had they been breathing the same air? He considered himself fairly tolerant of people sharing his personal space, or at least girls doing so. Probably just hadn't noticed that she'd crept in so close. He watched her nod, curtly nodded himself as she presented her counter proposal. Eh. He'd heard better in his time, and he was no debater even. But what she was saying was par for the course logical. Yeah they did probably have to wait for Beaks before coming to any decisions. Two out of three was a margin, sure, but it was a thin one. Ben did not have the time or energy for handling mutinous douchebags, he already had enough of that at hand with this book's characters.

“Yeah, probably. Good call, we shouldn't do anything without him or he might get pissy about it.” A moment's lull, and then:

“Not being judgmental or anything, but man, Slattery's a bit of a short stick to draw for project third.” Ben didn't intend for the comment to start any sort of protracted gossip, it was just an observation. Honestly he shouldn't have even said it, but the clarion call of talking about the person who wasn't in the room was too strong for even his tempered and buffed resistance. “You know? He seems like a good kid but kinda flakey. I'm half surprised he even showed in the first place.” He watched Scarlett closely for a second, his dark eyes searching her expression. Might be that she wasn't comfortable with the conversation going down this road, and if so he was well prepared to drop the subject.

Oh yeah he definitely had met this girl in a grocers before. If he recalled correctly Darius had been there that day. Explained why he hadn't bothered to commit that outing to memory so well.

His hands continued to idly rifle through his book. At least three fingers were spared towards bookmarking several pages with quotes that at least seemed decent to his laymen eyes. Thus, hand numbing and cramping. Fuck it. He pulled out the troops and granted them reprieve, stretching out individual fingers to coax life back into them.

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