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“Good to know, I guess.”

Lily took his hand - clasping it a little slower and more gently than Alvaro did previously - and walked out to the dance floor. It felt a little odd. Lily’s hand was a little cold but that didn’t really matter and to be honest he kinda liked how it felt and his steps felt a little bit heavier whenever they hit the ground and yes yes yes he finally got the chance to dance with her and now this night would literally be perfect and almost nothing could ruin his night now. Wait, no. Okay, he had to admit that there were still places where this night would go wrong, but the possibilities were so few and unlikely that he could probably write them off. If nothing went wrong they could just dance and talk until one of them became tired.

So they walked out into the group of people dancing. Now that he was much closer to them he could see that there wasn’t really any rhythm or unity in what they were doing. Each person was just doing their own thing with each other, no real rule as to what it was. Alvaro wasn’t really sure he could do that, he couldn’t really improvise that well. He hoped that if he was stuck standing in place Lily could help, because right now although he really wanted to dance he really wasn’t sure how to right now.

So it was kind of a problem when Lily voiced that she didn’t really know what to do, either.


Alvaro looked around, seeing the other dances doing what they were doing. This was slightly awkward.

“To be honest…” Alvaro said, not meeting Lily’s gaze. “I don’t really know what to do either.”
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