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Nadia had hit the nail on the head. Nothing screwed up a photo more than the subject knowing that they were on camera: it wasn’t capturing anything authentic or natural, it was just posturing for the picture. That sort of thing wasn’t that much of an issue when he was taking wildlife or scenery shots, which was another reason why he preferred that over taking pictures of people.

“Lose the first one.” He stated simply, before even really considering number two. The former was, after all, worthless from his perspective.

Number two did indeed look raunchier, which turned his mind back to chocolate covered strawberries. The coincidence of his classmates and sexy imagery was not what he’d been expecting when he’d volunteered for this job, nor when he’d developed the photos, but here he was, thinking those exact things. At least there was something coming out of these photos, he supposed.

“It looks alright to me, honestly, but I guess the school might want to tone it down. From the chest up would probably work, I say.”

He took a step back from Nadia, giving the collection of photos in his hand a second chance. They still looked wrong to him, but elements were starting to form in his head. The emotional connections between his classmates, combined with the youthful energy and passion, was on display here. Mix that in with some students grinding on each other, and it all sounded so simple when it came together, and maybe that's what he needed to try and see.

It still probably would’ve looked better in colour, though.

“I think I’m starting to get it now. We need to be looking at these and trying to see how they’re thinking about each other. Relationships, that sort of thing; that’s what I’m seeing here.”
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