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((Scarlett McAfee continued from Sadness Augmentation))

Scarlett was gazed down at her own copy of the novel, Macbeth, in her lap and she started to flick through the pages. She had to be honest. She didn't really understand much about this story. She wished that Mrs. Webber had made them do an assignment on a different story. Maybe something like Romeo and Juliet as she knew that one more better. Although, Scarlett did guess that it would be a good challenge to learn something new. What a strange thought she was having.

Scarlett hadn't minded being paired up with Ben Fields. He seemed like a nice person and she didn't feel uncomfortable in his presence. The other person in their group was the one who she didn't like being around. Aiden Slattery. He liked being called 'Beaks' but Scarlett didn't want to call him that, so she would use his real name. Which was possibly why Aiden stomped off to the bathroom or something. There was something about him that made Scarlett get a bad vibe from him. Maybe because he flirted with her in the past in a strange way made her want to stay clear of him. Well, after the three of them have hopefully finished this assignment, she wouldn't have to let Aiden into her home again. Why was he taking so long anyway?

Ben had said something to her. Scarlett looked up from her novel and she made eye contact with him. She was sitting pretty close to him on the couch so she moved a little as to not be too personal in his space. She knew some people didn't like how close people could sit beside them. So she wanted to somehow be.... polite? Anyway, Ben had said something about a thesis. Hm. Scarlett didn't have an idea for an thesis herself.

Scarlett nodded as she listened to Ben's idea of what they should do and she would agree that it would be an interesting subject that the three of them could work on. "I actually think that would be an interesting idea to do, Ben. I would be up for doing something like that. However.... We need to hear Aiden's opinion on this as well." Scarlett didn't really want Aiden's opinion but they were working on this assignment together so she had to suck it up and deal with Aiden for now. "We should wait for him to come back."

IF he came back.... She thought to herself, turning her attention back to the novel on her lap. This assignment would have been so much more easier to do if it was just her and Ben.
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