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It took her a while. To get what he meant, that was. He said he was into fencing, not that sort of fencing. And something about entering a lone junkyard in the middle of the night. Her mind went places, oh yes. Very naughty places. Two guys alone, bare and naked with their honor on the line alone. Their fleshy swords drawn. The moon shining dimly on the dirt and scrap and junk surrounding the men. A clock strikes midnight, and the men-

Alright, that didn't really make sense and also didn't explain the scar. It dawned on her slowly. Fiyori's hands slipped from his arms, taking a firm hold of his face instead. In her face, exasperation. She'd say it was acting, of course. But with the pun as it was... well... anyway, she took a firm hold of his cheeks, shook her head and muttered slowly.

"Terrible. Just terrible."

She held the gaze for a moment, and then laughed. Exploded into laughter. Not because the pun was fun or anything like that. She just laughed because she felt like laughing in that exact moment.
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