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((Maxim Kehlenbrink continued from The Dynamo Of Volition))

Life was all about choices . Simple enough phrase, probably printed on the back of God-knows-how many greeting cards, in some variation or another. Maxim had forgotten what exactly had lead to him taking this specific train of thought, maybe it was a thing from that novel he had started reading a while ago, a quote or something like that. Been too long for him to remember, he hadn't touched the book in a week or so, didn't really get into it all that much. Made him feel sort of bad, since it had been a gift by his godmother, but what the heck, he'd just pretend having read it.

Speaking of choices though, he was at least certain to have made the right one this time around. It had been either accepting Cristo's request of him joining him to help with Abby's planned bake sale, or spending another Friday evening home alone in front of his PC, playing through Baldur's Gate for the fourth time - which had actually been a harder choice for him to make than one might expect. Only after Cristo had ensured him that it would only be the two of them plus Abby and absolutely no one else, he had finally agreed. Kind of pathetic, really, but no one else knew, so not that big of a deal.

Besides, it was a kind of welcome change of pace. Had been a more than boring week so far, even for his standards. Doing a little bit of work couldn't hurt, as long as it wasn't too sweat-inducing, no super heavy lifting and such. Not his thing.

Ironic that it was an upcoming bake sale of all things, though. Maybe another reason why Cristo had urged him to come along, as a reminder of how the two of them had first met. There was some sort of nostalgic allure to it, he had to admit. Another Brownie point.
Maxim had only just arrived at Abby's place by car, been dropped off by his dad, who was on his way to meet up with some pals of his anyway. Had to love conveniences like that. He had never been to the house of the Floyds before and his first impression was that...well, it was big, really big. Not much else that stood out to him, though he could see why it would be suited to host a bake sale here.

He didn't know Abby all too well, he had been first introduced to her via Cristo. Real sunshine, that one, though her attitude was a tad too positive for his taste. Little bit of pessimism never hurt anyone, at least in his opinion. Still, he was glad to be of assistance to her, especially with Cristo being around as well, granted he probably wouldn't have agreed to help had it not been for the other boy in the first place.

Almost 5:30 PM now. He was dead on time, as always. Slowly, he trotted up to the entrance door, then swiftly adjusted his shirt's collar. Had to make a somewhat presentable appearance, after all. With a driblet of enthusiasm and making sure his perpetual frown was absent for once, Maxim rang the doorbell.

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