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Scarlett was glad to have a conversation with Alvaro about chess. Although, she wouldn't normally talk about it. As she didn't play it herself and she didn't know that much about it. She did know one way that someone could get checkmated. But that was about it. Well, at least she was learning more about Alvaro. That was all that mattered to her. Having a new person to speak to was nice. She listened as he spoke to her. She kind of understood what he was saying. Some people were good at chess, but some other people were better at it than the other ones. Like professional chess players or something along those lines. Alvaro was on the chess team, huh? That seems cool. Scarlett would possibly watch people playing chess but she couldn't play it herself. Chess wasn't really something she would do. But she could understand why Alvaro might enjoy it.

"I think I kinda get it, you know. You just need to practice more. Practice makes perfect." Scarlett showed off a some grin at Alvaro as she put some apples into her trolley and she scratched her chin slightly. "I'm sure that you will get better at it, Alvaro. I believe that you will get to the top of your chess team and you will win instead."

Scarlett was trying to encourage Alvaro and she really believed that he would be able to do it. They continued to talk about chess for a while as they continued to do their groceries. Scarlett was happy to be able to get to know Alvaro, even if it was only for a few minutes or so. She also couldn't watch to see her dad's face after he see all the fruit that she was getting. It would be priceless.

((Scarlett McAfee continued elsewhere))
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