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Looking back maybe apologizing there and then hadn't been the best choice. Cameron probably could have waited until it was just her and Vanessa, that way at least everyone else would have been spared her best friends outburst. The issue with the whole thing wasn't that Vanessa was wrong, the way she had gone about things was. It would have been hypocritical for Cameron to bring up the handling of a situation though considering how she had gone about inviting Coleen into the group. That was a real pot calling the kettle black stuff.

As it so happened Vanessa flipped out and swore at her a lot before leaving her house. Cameron flinched with nearly every word Vanessa said, her friends voice growing louder and angrier with each sentence until eventually she launched a curse at Cameron before disappearing up the stairs and out the door.

Silence reigned for what felt like an eon after Vanessa's dramatic exit.

In actuality it was probably about three seconds.

Cameron wanted to run. Every instinct and fibre of her being was screaming at her to get out of the basement. Where could she run too though? Vanessa was gone.

Taking a couple of deep breaths Cameron looked around the room, gauging the atmosphere. It wasn't great. She slowly swallowed before speaking, trying her hardest not to let her voice tremble.

"I...I'll talk to her later." She wasn't exactly successful. "She'll get over it." The second part was more for her own personal benefit.

Her attention turned more to Coleen, whose first meeting with the rest of the band had become a complete disaster.

"We could still jam a bit as long as you still want to stay." She offered up a weak smile. There was no way it reached her eyes.
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