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He did not want it to end yet. His lungs sure screamed the opposite to him, but since when did those two fuckers have a say in this sorta thing? Aiden kept their tongues locked for as long as he could, savoring the taste and every itty bitty little sentiment, even the smell on her -

Until it stopped. Seemed the chick had reached her limit, grew bored, whatever. He felt a slight tickle as her slippery organ escaped his mouth, prompting a snicker from him. Holy French kiss Batman! He knew the bitch could bite, but that just now had been a whole new level of wild, straight savagery! Maybe enough for some wimpy-ass dudes to run back home to Nopeville, but not him, no way! He was diggin' this shit, had found a fucking goldmine here!

Oh man, that stare of hers too. Could just look back into her eyes for hours, so he could. Windows to the soul, they said, and this one here had one sexy soul, true as truth. He really had to be the luckiest motherfucker in the universe that day. Just had to be.

Ah, finally. Took her long enough to spot that ol' scar. Wanted to know how he got that one, did she? Course she did. She was prolly even into it, way he judged her. Hell, he wouldn't have been surprised if she was gonna add some fresh ones to his collection that day. Things would get intense, sure as shit. He couldn't fucking wait for it.

"Me being a naughty little boy is what happened. Turns out it ain't a good idea to try and enter some junkyard in the middle of the night, you with me? I mean, I'm into fencing alright, but not that sort." He pulled an innocent face, adorned with a coy pout, before his trademark grin took over again. "Sorry bout that pun, hon. Not my best work, I'll admit, but I came up with it myself, makes it special."

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