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Aiden was deeply entrenched. Bound. Sealed. Locked. Jailed. Fiyori could list a few more of those if she tried. She pressed against him, and he pressed back. Oh, he fought and he fought bravely, meeting Fiyori's might with an equal force. Ah, that little dude. He got quite the strength indeed. And Fiyori pressed on. Pressed her tongue against his, pressed her body against his and she relished in every push he made against her.

Slowly, after a bout that seemed to last for minutes she slowly let her tongue rest, carefully removing it from within Aiden. Fiyori opened her eyes, gazed deeply into his, gave his nose a surprisingly affectionate nozzle. Her eyes went up, up his arms to...

Her eyes caught something. Something her hands had not. She let go of Aiden's hands, only a little, and only to take a firm hold of the scar - or rather the arm that spouted it.

"Oh? What happened here?"
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