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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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I’m going to skip all of these, at this rate…

Nadia shrugged.

"Eh, at least get a second opinion first," she said. "Maybe the advisor thinks they're Getty Museum quality."

Sandy then asked to see some of Nadia's photos. Nadia turned back to her computer and pulled up the window where she was looking at her pictures.

"I'll admit I don't think mine are that much better," Nadia told Sandy. "I don't know, maybe it was the lighting or the slightly disorienting nature of a public dance, but I feel slightly underwhelmed by my output."

She pulled up two pictures, modifying the windows so they could be side by side.

"So, I figured these two pictures were similar," she continued, "and maybe it'd be better to have one over the other."

The first picture depicted a group of five students all dancing together. They looked like they were standing single file, but were all jamming along to whatever song was playing at the moment. One girl had noticed Nadia taking the photo and gave a huge smile, opening her mouth wide like a bass.

The second picture was of another group of students dancing together. This time, it was paired couples who were slightly standing apart, with the girl in each couple dancing in front of the guy, pressing her back against his chest.

"I feel like the first one is a little more safe, although I worry that smiling girl's face is a no-no since she's looking at the camera. The second one feels more sexually charged, but I think if you cut it down, it might not be as bad, like if I removed the couple on the side or cropped it to be from the chest up."

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