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"I'm doing a-okay, Zee Zee. Sorry 'bout the delay and all, had to go deliver something to the WC Republic real quick, you follow me?" He chuckled and scratched a spot of imaginary stubble on his neck. Yeah, fun was only about to start. Just had to wait for a nice track to play now, then it was time for some happy feet!

Or not. Looked like he had attracted some attention - no surprise there, really. He heard his name being called from the side, twice. Slapping on an impish smile, he turned towards the origin of the voices. Right, those two. Planned to stick around, did they? Might as well roll with it then, see if they could handle a concentrated charge of vitamin Beaks.

He threw an amused glance at Kizi, back over his shoulder. "So these are your buddie-buddies then, Zi, do I have that right?" He let out something that was supposed to sound like an impressed whistle - with less than moderate success. "Well I'll be damned, hanging with the high society, are ya? Hell of a leap to the top, compared to a bum like me, eh?" He gave her a friendly wink, then turned back to face the other two again. Had to start with the goliath chick. Ladies first.

"Sup? Gonna say it straight away, I don't really remember your name or anything. You can tell me though, or you can't. Whatever ya prefer, C." Another wink, more frisky this time. "Yeah, nice to meetcha anyway."

Aiden shifted his gaze towards Conrad, then gave an almost mockingly polite nod. Social standards and all that shit. "Mister President." He gave it a fake undertone of respect, though only meant as a friendly joke. The guy had to have some sense of humor, right? "Or do ya prefer 'Mister Bond'?" He snickered, following it up with the third wink in a row. Triple, baby. King of combo right there.

"Nah, for real though, looking sharp in that suit, yes Sir! You too, tall lady, good stuff. You two here together or something?"
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