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She liked it. No dizzedi doubt, she ab-so-lutely fucking liked the way he was posing; no, she was straight digging it, lovin' it. Chick was on fire, all burning up on the inside, one big hot flamin' lusty inferno. All she had to do was come and take her prize. Hot damn, he was more than ready for action, ready for her to come and set him ablaze as well, light it up!

Atta girl. Comin' towards him, closing in on the beak of evolution, the one and only Aiden. She knew she wanted him. He knew he wanted him - her too. But mostly himself. Not really, though. His brain was just going all apeshit, comin' up with crazy shit that didn't make sense. Whatever. He didn't need his brain now. Just needed her face on his, feel the heat of the night. Shit on a stick, he was so frickin' thrilled!

She was close now, very fucking close. Tall as hell, exotic, untamed - straight up Black Beauty he got here. Oh boy, was she reaching for - nah, just closin' the door, so she was. Shame.

Door slammed shut. Big Bang. Didn't matter, just a distraction. Only thing that mattered now was towering right over him. Oof, she wanted to play rough, play the dominion game. Take his hands with hers like she was cuffing him. Show his beak some love as well. He swallowed. And then their lips finally made contact.

Whoa. She wasn't the first chick he had kissed. Wouldn't be the last. But damn, this one here was tasty! All sweet and salty and soft and supple and...painful? Biting. She was biting. He didn't mind. She could nibble on him all she wanted. Enough meat on him for her to nibble all day and night.

Holy fuck, she went All-in already! His lips didn't put up any resistance, almost opened up by themselves and let in that oh so fucking welcome intruder. Now he had to show some fighting spirit though, couldn't just stay passive like some weak-ass pushover!

Time to wrestle her sweet muscle with his, match of the ages, clash of the titans, just her and him. He was still barely moving. Only his tongue was doing work , nostrils trembling with delight, shivers down his spine, face heating up, hot breath mixing together. He was on fire, burning to death alive and fuck did he love it! Had been to fucking long since he last had his fill - but this one would more than make up for it.

His arms still crossed behind his head, he continued to almost literally suck on her face, more aggressive now, not even realizing he was running out of air fast.
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