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Clarice just shrugged at Kizi's reply about how it sucked that Clarice thought badly of him. Partially because her mouth was full of cake, partially just to convey 'whatever floats your boat.' Probably best that she didn't say it outloud, since Beaks turned up right after.

She wouldn't normally have an issue with saying it outloud, but this was a dance. And it was going to be fun and there weren't going to be any arguments. It wasn't going to be the fucking bowling alley again.

"Beaks," she said stiffly, after swallowing her mouthful of cake. She nodded at him awkwardly before taking a bigger bite of cake than she might normally have done.

Maybe dancing and leaving Kizi behind was a better idea, now that she knew Kizi wasn't here alone. Her eyes briefly drifted back towards the dance floor, as she watched the various couples dancing.
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