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"Alright, alright."

What a shame. She would've liked to show him the world that was her cooking. Few people resisted once they were grasped by her skillful handling of flavors and textures. Still, it was fine. She'd insist on some water though. If not for Aiden, then for herself. He'd get some, too, of course. Couldn't have him die of thirst in the middle of the night.

Fiyori smiled as she saw Aiden striking that pose. She closed in on him, as if reading for another embrace. Yet their bodies touched only lightly. Fiyori wanted to close the door behind Aiden.

The door fell into the frame. A loud bang, sure to annoy the fuck out of her neighbors and she would make sure to given them an even bigger bang. Fiyori grinned, and went in for it.

Her hands reached for his, clasping them behind his head, Aiden's hair entangling in their fingers. He held them tight and steady, as she lowered her head. Gazing into his eyes, she gave his nose a quirky kiss again before going in even deeper. His lips tasted salty. She loved it. She bit it. She parted his lips and went in for the kill.
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