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Okay. Okay. Okay. She was talking to him. She didn’t just make excuses or leave or anything like that. He knew that that was a kinda silly possibility but it certainly had happened before and he did have to admit he had done it once or twice. Not to get away from the person, mind you, but mostly because he felt kinda overwhelmed by the people there and needed to take a break and sit down somewhere. That wasn’t like, bad or anything, was it? It was at least better than if he just pretended to have a call just to get away from someone he didn’t like. Well, doing what he did was probably not okay but at least it was out of necessity! Wait, no, that certainly didn’t make it better. Really wouldn’t saying it out of necessity be just deflecting the responsibility? He didn’t know. He’d have to think about this later.

Wait, whoops, Scarlett was talking to him, wasn’t she?

“I am! Kinda.” Alvaro replied to Scarlett. It was a little odd that she mentioned chess. Why was it that whenever he got into a conversation with someone he didn’t really know they always brought up chess with him? He wasn’t sure. Yet another question he’d have to think the answer for later.

“I’d say that I’m better at chess than most people, but um… most people who are better at chess than most people are better than me, if that makes sense?” That certainly wasn’t the best way to explain the situation, so maybe he could do a little bit better. “Like, I’m on the chess team, but whenever we go to a tournament I tend to get eliminated early while someone else gets a win.”

Which was something he wanted to improve. Maybe he should read those chess books that Lily gave him, maybe they’d help him become better at the game.
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