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Definitely definitely Jasmine. That split second before Jasmine had processed her own presence was enough for the doubts to set back in again. That was a relief. She broke into a wide smile, as she usually did, when she broke into a purposeful walk towards one of her friends. It was always good to see someone happy to see her. Not that that was a rare occurrence (although, she hastened to add to her mental train of thought, for the sake of modesty, it wasn't ubiquitous), but it was still nice. One of those everyday pleasures.

She had accidentally waved at the wrong person before. Enough times that she had rehearsed a list of excuses, ready-made ones that she had trialed on her siblings, so she could use them if the situation inevitably arose. Almost regrettably, she had seemingly become better at avoiding such awkward cases of mistaken friendships since she had placed these preparations in place. She'd probably forget them by the time such a scenario came about.

Ah well. She had tried. That was the main thing.

"Hey Jasmine!" Her walk became slightly faster, and soon she was close enough to begin more detailed conversation. "How're you?"
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