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Hi guys

Your representative has been scheduled for the game below.

Game 5 - May 23 (36/12 phases, American deadlines)
Azure (Stickpage)
Beck (NovoCiv)
faZ (NADoTA)
Flare (Survival of the Fittest)
Ghowilo (Gtx0)
Jaime Lannister (Zelda Universe)
jpmegami (IGN Boards)
Knight (Old Gold & Black Forums)
Kuhn (Neoseeker)
Linkcat (Elements)
My Immortal (GameFAQs)
Panther (Fifth Avenue)
Sorian (NeoGAF)
Stork (DailyMafia)
SVNBob (Previously.TV)
Spirederman (UK Football Forums)

The game is taking place on Mafia Universe. You can find the specific subforum dedicated to the championship here: http://www.mafiauniverse.com/forums/forums/36-The-Mafia-Championship-2016

I want to talk about and spectate the game - what do I do?

If you wish to actively spectate and show support for your representative, then there are two ways of doing this.

1) There will be a private spectator thread on the site for each game that you may request access to. Simply register on the site and PM the user "Thingyman", and I will add you. Feel free to spectate games that your representative isn't in as well. These threads are published after the game completes.

2) We have a spectator chat on Skype, with currently more than 140 people in it. It's very active and fun, I highly suggest you join it if you have Skype. Just add me: thingyman. Please let me know which community you hail from when adding me.

None of these two chats/threads will be spoiled!

Finally, we kindly ask that you refrain from commenting too much on the games in public on this forum, as the other representatives will easily be able to find and read through this (as has happened in the past). I can't control what you do here, but out of respect for the integrity of this Championship, it's best if you don't discuss your reads on your representative or the other players or make comments that could potentially indicate your reads. I.e. even something like "oh man, our representative is totally being his usual self right now" is not good. Speaking very generally about what has happened so far in the game (so as to update your fellow community members) without commenting on it is fine though.

I hope this doesn't seem too strict to you guys, but the game can become very uncomfortable (and unfair) if there is discussion about it outside of the game thread. If you want to have your own private spectator chat, that is of course also totally fine and I even encourage it (I'd love to be added if you make one of these) :)

I wish your representative and your community all the best of luck for this season! :)
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