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Rorick Skyve
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Bravo, nice one. Aiden would have congratulated himself on that ace whistle - only it had sounded like some wheezing old fart sucking on a respirator. No kudos for that one. Eh, whatevs. No harm in trying. Though he would have liked to-

Holy motherfuck! He almost toppled down the stairs as he had to stop himself mid-motion, to avoid crashing into Fi, who had just stopped dead in her tracks. On the plus side, the tip of his fabled nose also made contact with the lovely sight before him. Sweet Jesus. Only for a second, quick dip and gone, but still. Aiden let out a pleased snicker, contemplating whether or not he should go in for another close encounter, but he decided against it. Still had plenty of time left to explore that later, like a straight spelunker.

Straight minx though, that chick. In for the funzies, livin' for the moment, giving no fucks about nothing. Could a guy get more lucky? He'd see soon enough.

Had reached the third story now, if hadn't miscounted. Yeah, three's the charm, or some shit like that. Or was it third time? Fuck it, had the same number in it, close enough for him. No need to be a stickedy-ass stickler about it. But hey, guess what? He had hit the nail on the head, this really was it. Girl went to unlock some door, gateway to heaven, hell yes! What was that name on the door? Senay, huh? What the freckles was that supposed to be, Mexican? Nah, didn't make sense, chick didn't look the type. Then again, what did he know about those tacos? Maybe one of her parents was from over there, maybe her genetics were a bit fucked up. Maybe he was just being a dumbass again. So many possibilites.

For real though, who the hell cared? American, Mexican, Nubian, Klingon, no difference, he'd play hide the sausage with her either way. As long as she didn't take his ass hostage, he was cool with anything.

Hungry or thirsty? Damn right, he was! Not even sure if that was supposed to be some sorta tease. Hell, either interpretation promised some sweet results. Aiden stepped forward, finally ascending the last step of the staircase. His T-shirt was prolly looking soaked and gross, smelled like some bum from under a bridge, rank as rancid roses. No sweat though, pun intended. Girl was pretty much the same. Down and dizzedi-dirty, for real.

"Think I'll pass, sister. Trying to fatten me before the feast, do ya? Ain't gonna happen. What you see is what you get, nothing more, nothing less." Winking playfully, he struck an exaggerated pose, putting his hands behind his head and sucking in his stomach.

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