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Was that supposed to be a whistle? Well, he tried. Poor guy probably couldn't do it (neither did Fiyori except once in a blue moon) but she appreciated the gesture. She'd whistle at her own butt as well. At least she thought so. Would be weird, but she had a good butt. Maybe. She wouldn't really know how it looked from his angle.

For his attempts though she did reward him, as she stopped to a halt abruptly and felt his beak poke her in the behind for a brief moment. She chuckled, and moved a few steps further, eventually reaching a door to the side.

The door was placed in the third floor, was made from a simple yet dark wood. A floral wreath and a glued-on wood carving with their family name decorated it. Fiyori went for her keys, again finding the right one without much problem and unlocked the door. She reached for the knob, turned it, and hesitated for a single moment until finally deciding to gently push the door open.

Fiyori took one step forward, then looked back to Aiden.

"Hungry? Thirsty? I can feed you if you want."
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