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Rorick Skyve
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Didn't even respond on that, did she? Preferred to play it cryptic style. Fine with him, more than fine. That teasing game was one he was all too happy to take part in - and her game was top-notch, no room for argument there.

The wind was getting stronger now; not that he felt cold, he was the goddamn Iceman in that regard, chill as a chinchilla. Still, kinda annoying. All the more reason to look forward to go inside. And go inside he would, his fucking pleasure.

Finally, door was open, welcome to the dungeon! Literally rubbing his hands together in anticipation, he entered the building after Fi. Two steps in, he immediately halted, examining the interior. Well...that was one small-ass staircase, if he had ever seen one. Was this Bilbo Baggins' crib or something? Even two lanky-wanky peeps like him and Fi wouldn't fit on it both at the same time, he was willing to bet both his nuts. Whatever. Wasn't his house, not his problem.

He watched his lovely host starting to go up the stairs. No more words needed - she lead the way, he followed. But oh boy, was he glad to follow. That chick might have been one skinny beanpole, but damn, that certainly was a sweet patootie on her. Nothing too special, but enough for him to warrant a sign of appreciation. Always nice for a gal to receive compliments, right? He knew he'd want some.

Despite a second of doubt, devoted to the fact that he couldn't whistle for shit, he still decided to go for it. Grinning coyly as ever, Aiden stuck two fingers in his mouth and gave it his best shot at an acknowledging whistle, all while following Fi up the stairs.
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