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She walked slowly towards the door, reaching it in due time as she rested a hand on it's frame. Aiden was close behind her. She could feel him, and she could feel him to the side of her. He seemed taller? Ah, of course, he was standing on the tip of his toes, trying to reach her ear. He asked her for a favor. To eat him after they were done doing the deed, heh? She chuckled, considered to give him a humorous answer - such as a blank 'no' - but instead just licked her lips.

Fiyori reached for the keys in her pocked, and inserted it into the lock quickly without looking at it at all. Of course, she got the right one, and with a loud click the heavy door in front of them opened. They were greeted by a staircase. To the left, there was the basement, to the right, it went up. She didn't really like the stairs. They were pretty thin and at best only one person could use them at the same time. Seriously, it wasn't even possible for two people to go up as the other one went down. One of them had to wait, always.

Of course, she knew as she began climbing the stairs, it would just give Aiden an excellent view as he followed her from behind.
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