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Kizi shrugged, and chuckled nervously, at Clarice's forthright expression of her opinion on Aiden. She did not feel entitled to challenge Clarice's opinion. It was one she had probably developed with some justification, though she was sure it was fundamentally down to innocuous personality clashes or plain ol' misunderstanding. Kizi believed most personality clashes in school stemmed from such misunderstandings. Mistakes were easy to make. She misunderstood things a lot, so she was kinda hypervigilant about the dangers of miscommunication.

See, it was gossip like this that made her fear the name 'Beaks' might have unacknowledged negative connotations. She saw him coming over now so, while she had no interest in doing so, she could hardly afford to get into a debate about his merits. It was unseemly. Impolite.

"Yeah, it's just I didn't have a partner, he didn't have a partner, and I get on with him. Sucks you think that about him."

She timed it so her sentence finished just as he came into earshot, and chuckled at his joke. She did like this sort of friendly teasing. "I'm good," she replied, "A to the....iden. It doesn't work so well." B to the eaks would also be awful, she thought, but did not voice that opinion out loud. "How are you?"
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