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Hell yes. There it was again, that sweet, sweet chuckle of hers. Could watch her do that all day, true as truth. Really hypnotizing shit, like that weird-ass snake from the Jungle Book, never mind that fucker's name. Heh, recurring theme here, trying to swallow someone alive. Straight man-eater. Yeah, that definitely worked for him.

Aiden licked his lips, more subconsciously than anything and rather swiftly, but still noticeable. It finally dawned on him, that most obvious thing. From the very fucking start, he had never been the predator here, no Sir. No badass jacked huntsman hounding after his prey, or trying to off Arnie. No, he'd been the prey, the tool himself all along, a horny-ass bee chasing after flowers, some dumbass moth fucking burning up on a light bulb - kinda like that. But guess what? He was totally okay with it. More than okay. Fucking stoked.

That cold-ass breeze though. Shivers for days, ice age around the corner! The two of them really oughta be going - yeah, she had the right idea. Time to go inside, enter the stage and warm up - not necessarily in that order.

He flinched slightly when Fi gave the tip of his nose a little treat, though that grin of his stayed on his features. Never stopped smiling like his name was Joker. He almost wanted to call the chick adorable for doing that, but that would have been way fucking off the mark. Girl was about as adorable as an actual real life anaconda - shared all its good qualities though. And some more.

Aiden flinched once more when his behind was given a quick touch as well. Cheeky beaky, that one. Tried to tease him already, did she? God alfuckedy-mighty, she was the best.

"Your wish is my command, Miss Fi." He said it in a joking tone, though he absolutely meant it. He was hers now, no dizzedi doubt about it. Silently snickering to himself , he jogged after her meaning to catch up. Man, she was tall, he still got surprised about it every ten seconds he looked at her. Only more of the legend to love, then.

Finally managing to get next to her again, he swiftly raised himself on tiptoes to try and whisper into her ear. "Do me one favor though, yeah? Be sure and wait with devouring me until after we're done, like a proper black widow, you with me?" He chuckled, then let himself shrink back to normal size. "Sound like a deal?"
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