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Aiden was limb. All limb. His every muscle was relaxed, and he was all hers and her alone. Not an ounce of resistance, not a bit of hesitation. No, Aiden embraced his fate without ifs or buts.

And then he asked for room. Not with words, but with a gentle nudge. And Fiyori let him go, gazed into his eyes again and kept one hand on his back. Aiden spoke and she could hear him and she could feel the wind of his breath. He said she was tall. He said she could eat in one go and Fiyori had to chuckle. Of course he wouldn't mind. If he did, he would not be where he was right then.

They continued to look on another, as a new gust traveled between them. Fiyori's hair dancing madly in the wind, and now that the sun was going down, even she could not help but feel a little cold. Not freezing, and perhaps not even cold (not with her body so close to Aiden's), but she realized that soon night would be upon them. And as such, it would be too cold for the both of them.

"Let's head inside, yeah?"

Fiyori lowered her head, gave Aiden's nose a quick kiss and let her hand slid down, resting briefly on his butt before letting him go completely, and moving towards the door.
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